Summer 2015
PANZER DIGEST #12 (Summer 2015) is a 36-page edition of the magazine contains two solitaire wargames, plus extras.  

The first issue game is MERS-EL-KEBIR, 1940, a solitaire naval design simulating the July, 1940 battle between British and French ships off the coast of North Africa.  It uses the Advanced Salvo! game system.  The second solitaire game is ASSAULT AT COLD HARBOR, pitting Federal and Confederate forces against each other in Virginia, June 3, 1864.  

Extras in the magazine include Combat Leader scenario VKS-2 involving Volkssturm troops outside Stettin, spring 1945, and includes a sheet of Volkssturm counters from the Combat Leader module of the same name.  Also included is another solitaire game from the Salvo! WW2 naval series (either Salvo! Denmark Strait or Salvo! River Plate; one of these is randomly inserted in each copy).

The magazine includes rules and components for each of the games (counters are on thick card and must be cut apart prior to play), plus wargame articles and game reviews (edited by Robert G. Smith, LTC (ret.)) covering Operation Whirlwind (OSS), Blood & Sand (Worthington), The Great Divide (VPG), Supreme Commander (GMT), Kill Shot (DVG), and Battle for Stalingrad (DVG).

This edition is filled with wargaming fun, and especially suited for solitaire gamers.  Order your copy today!

Contents of Panzer Digest #12:  36-page magazine, Mers-el-Kebir 1940 components (map, counters, rules), Assault at Cold Harbor components (map, counters, rules), double-sided Reference Card for these two games, Volkssturm countersheet (identical to one found in CL: Volkssturm module) and Combat Leader scenario VKS-2, Salvo! WW2 naval game (components, rules; either Salvo! Denmark Strait or Salvo! River Plate is included in each copy).  Assault at Cold Harbor is an extensively redesigned edition of Cold Harbor II, previously published by Minden in 2008.
Panzer Digest is a CSR award-winning magazine that emphasizes playability and authenticity in wargaming.  This present issue proudly stands alongside its predecessors in offering gamers a lot of bang-for-your-buck wargaming fun.
In Assault at Cold Harbor, the player plays the USA, and the system handles the CSA.  In Mers-el-Kebir 1940, you may play either the British or the French, and the system will handle the opposition (you may also play this with two-players equally well).  In the Salvo! game, you choose to play allies or axis, and the system plays the other side.
This item is out-of-print, and no longer available. The information on this page is provided for historical interest only.